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What is Aman Platform

Aman is new idea to provide the community with list of services in one place
helpping to get he benafits of business process automation to get the desired services, this collection of services only start to what we are looking for to achive

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Health Insurance Packages

We are providing list of different health insurance packages supported by our partners in this field to fit with each member budget or his/here needs

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Banking Services

In cooperation with our business partners who specialize in the banking sector, we were able to provide the banking services below in the Aman platform:
Opening bank accounts
- Online payment services
Regulating borrowers' guarantees and loan facilities
- Localization of salaries
- Cash management
- And all other banking services
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Development & Skill Enhancement Support the members how is willing to enhance his skills in work, communication, sales or even Technical skills with best ways and tools to allow him/here join the working market and be useful member of this community
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Law Consultancy

Legal advice
Ardh Al-Bahja Company , in cooperation with its specialized legal partner, was able to provide excellent legal services at the hands of the best law firms in the country, as follows:
- Personal issues: advice and assistance
- Business / Corporate Consulting
- Legal representation
- Assist in setting up companies

AMAN Packages

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In cooperation with our business partners, and in order to provide excellent services within the reach of everyone, we proposed in the service platform Aman different health insurance packages and each package has specific specifications at a different price and a different financial coverage ceiling commensurate with all possibilities.